Wednesday, June 4, 2008

How to automatically generate E-mails from your C# code?

Generating E-mails through C# code can be very helpful to users. They just need to click a button and boom, the information is sent on the e-mail to the required people. If you want to generate a normal E-mail without attachment, these are the steps you can write:-- 1. You need to include , using System.Web.Mail; 2. The code for sending e-mail is as follows, string userID = Environment.UserName.ToString(); MailMessage message = new MailMessage(); string windowsLogin = Environment.UserName.ToString(); string fromMsg =windowsLogin+@""; string toMsg = null ; toMsg = (string) ((Range)sheet.Cells[i,15]).Text; // In case of Excel Application "To field can take in any constant or user supplied value from Text box etc. message.To = toMsg.ToString(); message.From = fromMsg.ToString(); message.Body = "STATUS HAS BEEN CONFIRMED. PLEASE CHECK YOUR RESPECTIVE UPDATES FROM THE APPLICATION."; message.Subject=" STATUS CONFIRMED BY " + userID.ToUpper(); SmtpMail.SmtpServer = ""; SmtpMail.Send(message); Console.WriteLine(“E-mail Has Been Sent successfully”);

You have to know your server name so that you can send an e-mail. For knowing this, go to your Outlook Express

Click on Tools --> Send/Receive --> Send/Receive Settings --> Define Send/Receive Groups --> Edit --> Account Properties -->

There you find Microsoft Exchange Server name written in General Tab

Also in Tools --> Options --> Mail Setup --> You can find Send/Receive Settings , this will take you to the same pop-up , Define Send/Receive Groups. In case you want to Email an attachment using C# , please read my another blog topic "Emailing Attachments ".

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